Thanks for helping us make Internet better

At MedUX, we work to improve the quality of Internet in Europe and the UK. We do so with the help of our UXers, that is, people like you who volunteer to host and take care of one of our MedUX devices (we call it DUX) at their homes.

What does being a UXer mean?

An UXer is a person who helps us, MedUX, to improve Internet. The UXer hosts one of our MedUX HOME devices better known as DUX.

Why becoming a UXer?

You will become part of a big community of people like you, who want to make Internet better!

What about my privacy?

Your privacy is guaranteed. The DUX cannot access your personal data, it just behaves as a new device on your network. We fully comply with the data protection regulations - we take that very seriously!

How does the DUX work?

A DUX is a small device that sits next to your home router and tests your Wi-Fi and Ethernet connection quality. All it needs is to be connected to your router, so it can send the tests results back to MedUX.

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