MedUX Home SeptUp

MedUX HOME set up is quite simple. The MedUX HOME is a Plug and Play device which needs to be plugged in a power supply and a router (via Ethernet and into a free LAN Port). From that moment on, the MedUX HOME device will be connected!

For Wi-Fi Configuration you will need to follow some steps (you need to wait at least 10 minutes after MedUX HOME connection and make sure that you are setting up the Wi-Fi when MedUX HOME is connected to the same Wi-Fi as the computer you are accessing the configurator):

Enter to the section "MedUX HOME Wi-Fi Configuration"

1. Choose your country (mandatory).
2. Type the name of your Internet provider (mandatory).
3. Introduce the contracted speed that you have at home in Mbps (mandatory).
4. Introduce your phone number (optional)
5. Introduce your email address (optional)
6. Click on next
7. Enter your MedUX HOME ID (you will find it on theMedUX HOME sticker. It’s a 12-digit alphanumeric code andit will look like: 001e0630f029). Please, remember that allthe letters must be in lower case.
8. Accept the terms and conditions.
9. Select your Wi-Fi Network.
10. Enter your Wi-Fi password.
Your MedUX HOME Device is totally set up!

* The USB WiFi adapter is inside the device. It is already installed!

Notice that once you properly connect MedUX HOME device to your router, there should be a blue steady light on the device, and the light from the router port, to which you have connected the Ethernet cable, should be flickering. Then, your MedUX HOME connection is correct!

  • When trying to set up MedUX Wi-Fi, I get a “MedUX HOME device does not exist” error:

    You might get this error because you are trying to configure the MedUX HOME device while not connected to the same network, or because you have the wrong MedUX HOME device ID or phone number. Please make sure you enter all the info. If you need further assistance, please don’t disconnect the MedUX HOME device as it is working through ethernet and contact us in We will gladly help you!

  • When entering my ID number, I get the message "There was a communication error with our servers. Please, try again later":

    The MedUX HOME ID you have entered might be wrong. Check again if it is the same one provided to you. You can find the MedUX HOME ID in the sticker in you MedUX HOME device.

  • On the Wi-Fi network field (SSID), my connection doesn't appear in the list:

    - If your Wi-Fi network is hidden, select the option "Not listed" and write your network name.
    - If your Wi-Fi network is not hidden, please wait a few minutes and try again.

  • When I click on "Send" the page shows the error message "OOOPS! There was an error updating your MedUX HOME device":

    Please, wait a few minutes and try again.

    * If you have a white list on your router, you should give access to the device’s MAC (unique identifier assigned to the device), so it can be connected. You should contact us in to request that data so we can include the MedUX HOME device in that white list.

    For any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us in providing your MedUX HOME ID and our UXer Assistance Team will be happy to assist!

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